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Halloween Astronaut and Alien Costumes

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Halloween Astronaut and Alien Costumes for

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Deluxe Predator Costume
(Item #AVP05)
Adult Predator Costume
(Item #AVP06)
Adult Orange Astronaut Costume
(Item #BTRAD73)
Marvin The Martian Adult Costume
(Item #TOON68)
Prestige Edition Buzz Lightyear Adult Costume
(Item #TOY07)
In Stock!
$128.47 $64.24
Adult Green Alien Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD1294)
Adult Grand Alien Costume
(Item #TRAD1306)
Moon Man Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD379)
Robot Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD382)
In Stock!
$75.89 $37.95
Space Wars Adult Costume
(Item #SA1555)
In Stock!
$76.99 $38.50
Galaxy Wars Adult Costume
(Item #SA1557)
Sexy Alien Raver Costume
(Item #SA995)
Adult Astronaut Costume in White
(Item #AERO44)
Deluxe Astronaut Costume
(Item #TRAD364)
In Stock!
$65.95 $32.98
Deluxe Space Alien Costume
(Item #TRAD384)
Teen Supa Nova Girls Costume
(Item #TEEN180)
Ben 10 Costume
(Item #BEN01)
Ben 10 Heatblast Costume
(Item #BEN02)
Boys Swampfire Costume
(Item #BEN03)
In Stock!
$34.09 $17.05
Boys Spider-monkey Costume
(Item #BEN04)
Boys Ben 10 Alien Force Costume
(Item #BEN05)
Kids Shuttle Commander Costume
(Item #KIDS388)
In Stock!
$54.99 $27.50
Kids Scary Alien Costume
(Item #PLAY280)
In Stock!
$30.57 $15.29
Scary Alien Costume
(Item #PLAY775)
In Stock!
$59.94 $23.98
Retro Robot Costume
(Item #PLAY778)
Deluxe Alien Warrior Kids Costume
(Item #PLAY891)
In Stock!
$58.30 $29.15
Property of Area 51 Kids Costume
(Item #PLAY898)
In Stock!
$48.39 $24.20
Deluxe Una Verse Girls Costume
(Item #NOVI01)
In Stock!
$43.99 $22.00
Ari Roma Girls Costume
(Item #NOVI04)
In Stock!
$34.09 $17.05
Deluxe Klingon Kids Costume
(Item #ST48)
Marvin The Martian Girls Costume
(Item #TOON77)
In Stock!
$52.79 $18.48
Jr. Flight Suit Kids Costume
(Item #AERO13)
In Stock!
$66.00 $33.00
Child Astronaut Costume with NASA Cap
(Item #AERO15)
In Stock!
$65.99 $33.00
Child Astronaut Costume in White
(Item #AERO45)
In Stock!
$68.20 $34.10
Mini Martian Baby Costume
(Item #BABY482)
Space Explorer Kids Costume
(Item #KIDS29)
In Stock!
$41.79 $20.90
Shuttle Commander Kids Costume
(Item #KIDS33)
In Stock!
$41.79 $20.90
Child Astronaut Costume
(Item #PLAY267)
In Stock!
$37.35 $18.68
Robot Kids Costume
(Item #PLAY268)
In Stock!
$46.15 $23.08
Toddler and Kids Astronaut Costume
(Item #PLAY478)
In Stock!
$42.67 $21.34
Toddler and Kids Blast Off Astronaut Costume
(Item #PLAY565)
In Stock!
$46.97 $23.49
Complete Alien Kids Costume
(Item #PLAY738)
In Stock!
$42.67 $21.34
Toy Story Alien Baby Costume
(Item #TOY27)
Kids Astronaut Costume
(Item #TRAD826)
In Stock!
$51.15 $25.58
Alien Hands
(Item #AVP01)
In Stock!
$42.67 $21.34
Predator Hands
(Item #AVP02)
In Stock!
$42.67 $21.34
Deluxe Predator Alien Mask
(Item #AVP03)
Predator Alien Gloves
(Item #AVP04)
In Stock!
$45.05 $22.53
Latex Adult Predator Hands
(Item #AVP07)
In Stock!
$43.95 $17.58
Adult 3/4 Vinyl Predator Mask
(Item #AVP09)
In Stock!
$26.02 $13.01
Predator Adult Costume Mask
(Item #AVP13)
In Stock!
$23.09 $11.55
White Captain Boots
(Item #SHOE298)
Adult Silver Costume Gloves
(Item #ACC2585)
Adult Futuristic Cyborg White Glasses
(Item #ACC2727)
In Stock!
$15.29 $7.65
Pink Alien Raver Fishnet Leggings
(Item #HOSE851)
In Stock!
$13.15 $6.58
Aqua Doll Wig
(Item #WIG1365)
Dragon Doll Wig
(Item #WIG1366)
In Stock!
$19.79 $9.90
Cosmic Purple and Green Ponytail Costume Wig
(Item #WIG1592)
In Stock!
$24.19 $12.10
Adult Futuristic Star Frost Wig
(Item #WIG1976)
In Stock!
$24.19 $12.10
Eye Tentacles
(Item #ACC1258)
In Stock!
$9.89 $4.95
Adult Galaxy Gun
(Item #ACC2586)
In Stock!
$14.23 $7.12
Astronaut Back Pack
(Item #ACC571)
In Stock!
$52.80 $26.40
Galaxy Adult Glasses
(Item #GLAS142)
In Stock!
$19.79 $9.90
Close Encounter Alien Glasses
(Item #GLAS25)
In Stock!
$15.35 $8.95
Space Man Costume Helmet
(Item #HAT614)
Turbotron Helmet
(Item #HAT619)
In Stock!
$30.79 $24.95
NASA Space Helmet
(Item #HAT824)
Adult Space Helmet
(Item #HAT872)
Blue Alien Mask
(Item #MASK626)
Silver Alien Mask
(Item #MASK627)
In Stock!
$29.69 $14.85
Child 3/4 Vinyl Predator Mask
(Item #AVP10)
In Stock!
$23.05 $11.53
Green Lantern Kids Gloves
(Item #JUST43)
In Stock!
$17.59 $3.52
Alie Lectric Costume Wig
(Item #WIG1536)
In Stock!
$20.89 $10.45
Kids Astronaut Boots
(Item #ACC572)
In Stock!
$36.30 $18.15
Ride-on Inflatable Jr. Space Explorer
(Item #AERO08)
In Stock!
$49.50 $24.75
Costume Astronaut Helmet
(Item #AERO16)
In Stock!
$65.95 $32.98
Jr. Astronaut Gloves
(Item #AERO56)
In Stock!
$23.05 $11.53
Astronaut Space Pack Water Blaster
(Item #AERO64)
In Stock!
$19.79 $9.90
Child Astronaut Helmet
(Item #HAT14)
In Stock!
$27.49 $19.95
Kids White Space Helmet
(Item #HAT361)
In Stock!
$19.95 $9.98
Kids Space Helmet
(Item #HAT871)
In Stock!
$15.39 $7.70
Toy Story Alien Hat
(Item #TOY20)
Inflatable Crashed UFO
(Item #DECO106)
In Stock!
$285.51 $142.76
Alien Invasion
(Item #AERO06)
In Stock!
$7.14 $0.71
Astronaut Costumes and Alien Costumes -- Travel to outer space with an astronaut costume! Who knows what you will find? Most likely lots of aliens! Or maybe you want to wear an Alien Costume and welcome visitors to your home planet. A great costume theme for groups! Have some friends dress up as aliens, and some as astronauts, for a costume party that's out of this world.

We carry carefully detailed and very authentic looking costumes with official NASA and space shuttle patches. These Astronaut Costumes come in both Adult and Child sizes and are great for boys, girls, men and women. Be a hero in outer space and make new friends with Alien and Astronaut Costumes from Costume Craze!