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Decorations and Props

Product Matches: 52 results.
Royal Goblet
(Item #ACC2461)
In Stock!
$15.39 $9.23
Batman Candy Bowl and Holder
(Item #BTMN215)
In Stock!
$50.55 $30.33
Inflatable Pirate Treasure Chest
(Item #CAPT137)
In Stock!
$31.89 $19.13
Pumpkin Patch Fence
(Item #DECO01)
In Stock!
$19.79 $7.92
Gothic Skull Fence
(Item #DECO03)
In Stock!
$15.39 $9.23
Skull Bunting
(Item #DECO08)
In Stock!
$15.35 $9.21
Pumpkin Bubble Machine
(Item #DECO100)
In Stock!
$66.43 $39.86
Darth Maul Candy Bowl and Holder
(Item #DECO101)
In Stock!
$50.55 $30.33
Stormtrooper Candy Bowl and Holder
(Item #DECO102)
In Stock!
$50.55 $30.33
The Exorcist Rising Regan Prop
(Item #DECO103)
Inflatable Slimer Ghostbusters Decoration
(Item #DECO105)
In Stock!
$198.94 $119.36
Inflatable Crashed UFO
(Item #DECO106)
Inflatable Free Candy Clown
(Item #DECO107)
Trick 'r Treat Table Top Sam
(Item #DECO109)
Inflatable Slender Man
(Item #DECO111)
Animated Jack in the Box Decor
(Item #DECO112)
In Stock!
$275.98 $165.59
Clear Webcaster Sticks - Spider Web
(Item #DECO21)
In Stock!
$10.99 $6.59
Neon Orange Webcaster Sticks - Spider Web
(Item #DECO23)
In Stock!
$12.09 $7.25
Orange Webcaster Sticks - Spider Webs
(Item #DECO26)
In Stock!
$12.05 $7.23
Ghostly Group
(Item #DECO27)
In Stock!
$43.99 $26.39
Remote Drop Down Bat
(Item #DECO30)
Witchly Group
(Item #DECO34)
12 Foot Hanging Skeleton Prop
(Item #DECO35)
In Stock!
$221.09 $132.65
12 Foot Hanging Devil
(Item #DECO36)
Super Deluxe Standing Jester Prop
(Item #DECO37)
In Stock!
$551.09 $330.65
Vampire Prop with Wings
(Item #DECO39)
In Stock!
$177.09 $106.25
Cut Off Wolf Head Prop
(Item #DECO40)
In Stock!
$48.39 $29.03
Vampire Hanging Prop
(Item #DECO43)
In Stock!
$84.69 $33.88
Skull Hanging Prop
(Item #DECO45)
In Stock!
$84.69 $50.81
Small Metallic Skulls
(Item #DECO49)
In Stock!
$7.47 $2.99
12 Foot Hanging Witch Prop
(Item #DECO55)
In Stock!
$246.39 $147.83
Hanging Clown Prop
(Item #DECO57)
Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes
(Item #DECO66)
In Stock!
$17.59 $10.55
Bleeding Zombie Bowl
(Item #DECO67)
Rotary Fog Machine
(Item #DECO68)
In Stock!
$99.76 $59.86
Hanging Bat
(Item #DECO69)
In Stock!
$38.49 $23.09
Rotary Bat Projector
(Item #DECO70)
In Stock!
$43.99 $26.39
Bleeding Candles
(Item #DECO71)
In Stock!
$10.99 $6.59
Frankenstein Candy Holder
(Item #DECO73)
In Stock!
$47.29 $28.37
Bride and Groom Props
(Item #DECO75)
Assorted Halloween Party Stick-Ons
(Item #DECO85)
In Stock!
$24.19 $2.42
Star Wars Yoda Candy Holder
(Item #DECO90)
In Stock!
$49.23 $29.54
Zombie Door Cover
(Item #DECO96)
In Stock!
$9.23 $5.54
Peeping Zombie Window Cling
(Item #DECO97)
In Stock!
$6.59 $3.95
Jason Dreadful Window Wall Decal
(Item #JASN10)
In Stock!
$11.94 $7.16
Jason Scary Floor Grate Decal
(Item #JASN12)
In Stock!
$11.94 $7.16
Superman Candy Bowl and Holder
(Item #SUPR113)
In Stock!
$50.55 $30.33
Star Wars Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder
(Item #SW214)
In Stock!
$50.55 $30.33
Decorations and Props -- Take your Halloween party to the next level with our collection of fun decorations and props! Turn your home into a haunted house with our spooky decorations, decals and spider webs. Convert your lawn into a graveyard filled with scary zombies, witches and monsters! We also carry a monstrous assortment of large hanging props that are sure to terrify your guests. Your Halloween will be spooktacular when you shop at Costume Craze!