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Halloween Elvis Presley Costumes

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Halloween Elvis Presley Costumes for

Vegas Superstar Costume
(Item #ELVS04)
In Stock!
$52.79 $31.67
Elvis Adult Costume
(Item #ELVS07)
Super Deluxe Gold Lame Suit Elvis Costume
(Item #FAME121)
In Stock!
$254.05 $152.43
Elvis Adult Costume
(Item #FAME125)
In Stock!
$65.95 $39.57
Deluxe Adult Elvis Costume
(Item #FAME126)
In Stock!
$99.87 $59.92
Deluxe Gold Satin Elvis Costume
(Item #FAME128)
In Stock!
$84.65 $50.79
Deluxe Rock Legend Adult Costume
(Item #FIFT40)
In Stock!
$73.67 $44.20
Rock and Roll Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD173)
Adult Secret Wishes Elvis Costume
(Item #ELVS09)
In Stock!
$67.09 $40.25
Deluxe Female Elvis Adult Costume
(Item #FAME127)
In Stock!
$79.15 $47.49
Rock and Roll Baby Costume
(Item #BABY63)
In Stock!
$31.85 $3.19
Elvis Onesie Baby Costume
(Item #ELVS05)
In Stock!
$48.39 $29.03
Elvis Kids Costume
(Item #FAME123)
In Stock!
$42.67 $25.60
Deluxe Kids Elvis Costume
(Item #FAME124)
In Stock!
$54.95 $32.97
Baby and Toddler Elvis Costume
(Item #FAME138)
In Stock!
$32.77 $19.66
Rock N Roll King Dog Costume
(Item #DOG138)
In Stock!
$28.49 $17.09
King of the Hound Dogs Dog Costume
(Item #DOG36)
In Stock!
$25.25 $15.15
Adult Faux Leather Costume Pants
(Item #ACC1161)
In Stock!
$64.85 $38.91
Black Mutton Chop Sideburns
(Item #ACC1360)
In Stock!
$14.62 $4.39
Grey Mutton Chop Sideburns
(Item #ACC1361)
In Stock!
$15.72 $9.43
Mutton Chop Sideburns in Black
(Item #ACC480)
In Stock!
$15.39 $9.23
Rock n' Roll Sideburns
(Item #ACC653)
In Stock!
$6.59 $1.32
Adult Elvis Costume Cape
(Item #ELVS12)
Deluxe Elvis Wig
(Item #FAME119)
In Stock!
$40.67 $24.40
Elvis Rubber Wig With Sideburns
(Item #FAME120)
In Stock!
$20.85 $12.51
Elvis Sunglasses With Sideburns
(Item #FAME129)
In Stock!
$19.75 $9.88
Gold Elvis Presley Sunglasses
(Item #GLAS13)
In Stock!
$14.19 $8.51
Greaser Wig
(Item #GRES09)
In Stock!
$24.19 $14.51
King Blue Suede Shoes
(Item #SHOE342)
Black Rock N' Roll Wig
(Item #WIG1137)
In Stock!
$30.57 $18.34
50's Greaser Wig in Black
(Item #WIG137)
In Stock!
$20.85 $12.51
Economy Elvis Wig
(Item #WIG392)
In Stock!
$23.05 $13.83
Mega Rock and Roll Wig
(Item #WIG479)
In Stock!
$42.77 $25.66
Black and White Contessa Shoes
(Item #SHOE307)
In Stock!
$45.09 $27.05
Glitter Diva Costume Microphone
(Item #DIVA35)
In Stock!
$7.69 $4.61
Official Elvis Presley Microphone
(Item #FAME122)
In Stock!
$10.95 $6.57
Elvis Costumes - Elvis Presley is still the King of Rock and Roll! An Elvis Presley Costume is a classic for any Halloween or Costume Party. Browse our selection of official Elvis costumes so you can dress up as the King!