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Halloween Movie and TV Costumes

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March Hare Adult Costume
(Item #AIWL113)
Classic Mad Hatter Adult Costume
(Item #AIWL138)
Deluxe Mad Hatter Adult Costume
(Item #AIWL14)
Tweedle Dee Adult Costume
(Item #AIWL141)
In Stock!
$84.69 $42.35
Tweedle Dum Adult Costume
(Item #AIWL142)
Adult and Teen Prestige Mad Hatter Costume
(Item #AIWL20)
Adult and Teen Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume
(Item #AIWL21)
In Stock!
$87.99 $44.00
Deluxe Dark Mad Hatter Adult Costume
(Item #AIWL31)
In Stock!
$84.15 $51.63
Silver Werewolf Adult Costume
(Item #ANML123)
In Stock!
$81.35 $40.68
Scary Big Bad Wolf Adult Costume
(Item #ANML29)
In Stock!
$84.21 $16.84
Going' Ape Gorilla Adult Costume
(Item #ANML367)
In Stock!
$215.59 $107.80
Deluxe Scary Godzilla Adult Costume
(Item #ANML604)
Caesar Adult Costume
(Item #APES11)
In Stock!
$52.79 $26.40
Koba Adult Costume
(Item #APES12)
In Stock!
$52.79 $26.40
Adult Predator Costume
(Item #AVP06)
Beetlejuice Adult Costume
(Item #BETL06)
In Stock!
$56.09 $28.05
Deluxe Beetlejuice Adult Halloween Costume
(Item #BETL07)
In Stock!
$79.75 $39.88
Scary Beetlejuice Adult Costume
(Item #BETL08)
Dog the Bounty Hunter Costume
(Item #BNTY02)
Plus Size Dog the Bounty Hunter Costume
(Item #BNTY03)
Adult Breaking Bad Hoodie Costume
(Item #BREAK01)
In Stock!
$56.09 $28.05
Adult Breaking Bad Hoodie Costume
(Item #BREAK02)
Adult Breaking Bad Hoodie Costume
(Item #BREAK03)
Grand Heritage The Riddler Adult Costume
(Item #BTMN200)
In Stock!
$187.94 $93.97
Great Detective Costume Kit
(Item #BTRAD34)
In Stock!
$18.65 $9.33
Deluxe Scarecrow Adult Costume
(Item #BTRAD38)
Peg Leg Pirate Adult Costume
(Item #CAPT369)
Deluxe Swashbuckler Pirate Adult Costume
(Item #CAPT384)
In Stock!
$133.10 $66.55
Blackbeard Pirate Adult Costume
(Item #CAPT540)
Pirate Buccaneer of the Seas Adult Costume
(Item #CAPT544)
In Stock!
$97.89 $48.95
Super Deluxe Captain Jack Sparrow Adult Costume
(Item #CARIB56)
In Stock!
$480.69 $240.35
Freddy Animated Chest of Souls
(Item #DECO110)
In Stock!
$133.10 $66.55
Peter Pan Adult Costume
(Item #DISM102)
Mickey Mouse Adult Costume
(Item #DISM365)
Prince Charming Adult Costume
(Item #DISM451)
In Stock!
$69.30 $34.65
Dr. Bashir Star Trek Costume Uniform Shirt (Teal)
(Item #DS911)
In Stock!
$39.55 $19.78
Phil Adult Costume
(Item #DUCK02)
Jase Adult Costume
(Item #DUCK03)
Dumb And Dumber Harry Blue Tuxedo Costume
(Item #DUMB13)
In Stock!
$114.39 $57.20
Adult Buddy Elf Costume
(Item #ELF01)
In Stock!
$78.75 $39.38
Fred Flintstone Costume
(Item #FLNT01)
In Stock!
$37.29 $18.65
Barney Rubble Adult Costume
(Item #FLNT03)
Bamm-Bamm Flintstones Adult Costume
(Item #FLNT06)
In Stock!
$37.29 $18.65
Fred Flintstone Costume
(Item #FLNT15)
In Stock!
$71.50 $35.75
Barney Rubble Flintstones Adult Costume
(Item #FLNT16)
In Stock!
$87.96 $43.98
Bamm-Bamm Flintstone Adult Costume
(Item #FLNT17)
In Stock!
$73.69 $36.85
Plus Size Fred Flintstone Costume
(Item #FLNT33)
Plus Size Bamm-Bamm Flintstones Costume
(Item #FLNT39)
In Stock!
$83.39 $41.70
Bamm-Bamm Flintstones Adult Costume
(Item #FLNT41)
In Stock!
$70.95 $35.48
Scary Adult Deluxe Freddy Krueger Sweater
(Item #FRED06)
Scary Adult Freddy Costume Set
(Item #FRED08)
In Stock!
$42.56 $21.28
Adult Plus Size Freddy Costume
(Item #FRED19)
Adult Freddy Krueger Costume
(Item #FRED32)
In Stock!
$63.79 $31.90
Freddy Krueger Costume Hoodie
(Item #FRED33)
Adult Yo Gabba Gabba Muno Costume
(Item #GABBA10)
In Stock!
$96.57 $28.97
Adult Curious George Costume
(Item #GEOR04)
Man in the Yellow Hat Costume
(Item #GEOR05)
In Stock!
$64.85 $32.43
Ghostbusters Plus Size Costume
(Item #GHST01)
In Stock!
$65.99 $33.00
Adult Ghostbusters Costume
(Item #GHST02)
Themistocles Adult Costume
(Item #GRK110)
In Stock!
$52.79 $26.40
Deluxe Themistocles Adult Costume
(Item #GRK111)
Deluxe Adult Hellboy Costume
(Item #HLBY03)
Adult Replica Hufflepuff Robe Costume
(Item #HP134)
In Stock!
$155.09 $77.55
Adult Harry Potter Robe
(Item #HP74)
In Stock!
$48.40 $24.20
Cheech Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR212)
Cheech Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR213)
In Stock!
$25.25 $12.63
Chong Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR214)
Caddyshack Al Cervik Costume
(Item #HUMR237)
Caddyshack Carl Spackler Costume
(Item #HUMR239)
In Stock!
$64.89 $32.45
Underdog Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR537)
In Stock!
$106.69 $53.35
Underdog Plus Size Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR538)
Duck Dynasty Willie Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR563)
In Stock!
$42.56 $21.28
Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR564)
In Stock!
$51.69 $25.85
Ted Jumpsuit Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR568)
Clownfish Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR569)
Starfish Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR576)
Brickleberry Steve Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR577)
In Stock!
$60.49 $30.25
Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Adult Costume
(Item #HUMR583)
In Stock!
$66.54 $33.27
Cousin Eddie Leisure Suit Costume
(Item #HUMR601)
Deluxe Jason Adult Costume
(Item #JASN26)
DJ Pauly D Costume
(Item #JSHR02)
In Stock!
$20.89 $2.09
The Situation Costume
(Item #JSHR03)
In Stock!
$20.89 $2.09
Deluxe DJ Pauly D Costume
(Item #JSHR06)
In Stock!
$34.09 $3.41
Deluxe The Situation Costume
(Item #JSHR07)
In Stock!
$28.59 $2.86
Adult Hulk Hogan Costume
(Item #KIDS308)
Adult Ric Flair Costume
(Item #KIDS309)
Scary Ringwraith Adult Costume
(Item #LOTR01)
Movie & TV Costumes -- Celebrate your love of movies and TV shows by dressing up in costumes! We carry the hottest costumes from the latest movies such as Frozen, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars, to classics like Gone with Wind, The Muppets, and Ghostbusters. And you'll love our TV show costumes, featuring The Flintstones, The Simpsons, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, Duck Dynasty, and much more! It's so fun to dress up as your favorite character, and even more fun to do it as a group costume theme with friends! Great for viewing parties, opening night at the movies, comic con, and Halloween! For guys and gals of all ages, we have the best selection of Movie and TV costumes at discount prices. You'll find it all right here at Costume Craze!