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Halloween Traditional Costumes

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Beetlejuice Adult Costume
(Item #BETL06)
In Stock!
$56.09 $28.05
Deluxe Beetlejuice Adult Halloween Costume
(Item #BETL07)
In Stock!
$79.75 $39.88
Scary Beetlejuice Adult Costume
(Item #BETL08)
Adult Caveman Costume
(Item #BTRAD04)
In Stock!
$26.35 $13.18
Great Detective Costume Kit
(Item #BTRAD34)
In Stock!
$18.65 $9.33
Deluxe Ghostly Gentleman Adult Costume
(Item #BTRAD48)
In Stock!
$50.59 $25.30
Card Dealer Costume
(Item #CARD18)
Adult Priest Plus Size Costume
(Item #FFG02)
In Stock!
$35.15 $17.58
T-Bird Gang Adult Costume
(Item #FIFT135)
T-Bird Gang Plus Size Costume
(Item #FIFT136)
Priest Costume
(Item #HC02)
In Stock!
$25.25 $12.63
Harvest Moon Costume
(Item #HUMR516)
In Stock!
$56.09 $28.05
Adult Pop Art Guy Costume
(Item #HUMR607)
In Stock!
$84.69 $42.35
Adult Skull Knight Costume
(Item #MEDI222)
In Stock!
$64.89 $32.45
Cyber Man or Priest Costume
(Item #MNK13)
Evil Unchained Plus Size Costume
(Item #PLUS100)
Cardinal Plus Size Costume
(Item #PLUS123)
Plus Size Disappearing Man Prisoner Adult Costume
(Item #PLUS63)
In Stock!
$61.16 $30.58
Padre Robe Priest Costume
(Item #RLGS24)
In Stock!
$39.88 $19.94
Plus Size Priest Adult Costume
(Item #RLGS35)
In Stock!
$29.69 $14.85
Friar Tuck Monk Costume
(Item #RLGS37)
In Stock!
$32.99 $16.50
Deluxe Medieval Monk Costume
(Item #RLGS38)
Priest Halloween Costume
(Item #RLGS40)
Priest Adult Costume
(Item #RLGS43)
In Stock!
$25.29 $12.65
Cardinal Adult Costume
(Item #RLGS46)
Adult Geppetto the Toy Maker Costume
(Item #TRAD104)
In Stock!
$48.39 $24.20
Premier Ghost Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD114)
Adult Tragedy Andy Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD1174)
Adult Haunting Spirit Ghost Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD1187)
Adult Jailbird Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD1212)
Adult Soul Taker Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD1253)
In Stock!
$48.39 $24.20
Adult Creepy Jack-O-Lantern Costume
(Item #TRAD1297)
In Stock!
$45.09 $22.55
Adult Caveman Costume
(Item #TRAD1317)
In Stock!
$28.59 $14.30
Adult Safari Sam Costume
(Item #TRAD1358)
Adult Forgotten Souls Costume
(Item #TRAD1422)
Adult Gourmet Chef Costume
(Item #TRAD1423)
Adult Prisoner Disappearing Man Costume
(Item #TRAD1428)
In Stock!
$58.29 $29.15
Adult British Bobbie Costume
(Item #TRAD1436)
Adult Huntin' For Love Groom Costume
(Item #TRAD1463)
In Stock!
$73.69 $36.85
Adult Priest Costume
(Item #TRAD1561)
In Stock!
$64.89 $45.42
Adult Pumpkin Suit and Tie Costume
(Item #TRAD1619)
Adult White Suit And Tie Costume
(Item #TRAD1625)
Plus Size Ghostly Gent Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD165)
Jacob Marley Ghost Costume
(Item #TRAD181)
Plus Size Priest Costume
(Item #TRAD186)
In Stock!
$30.75 $15.38
Scary Ghoul Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD24)
In Stock!
$36.25 $18.13
Tattoo Biker Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD265)
Cave Brute Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD360)
In Stock!
$47.25 $23.63
Jail Bird Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD533)
In Stock!
$34.05 $17.03
Deluxe Night Shadow Ghost Costume
(Item #TRAD589)
Super Deluxe Wizard Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD613)
Plus Size Caveman Costume
(Item #TRAD642)
Prisoner Plus Size Costume
(Item #TRAD644)
In Stock!
$44.00 $22.00
Plus Size Skeleton Guy Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD646)
In Stock!
$35.19 $17.60
Prisoner Man Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD658)
In Stock!
$23.09 $11.55
Adult Ghost Face Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD684)
In Stock!
$42.67 $21.34
Plus Size Samurai Adult Costume
(Item #TRAD71)
In Stock!
$56.05 $28.03
Priest Costume
(Item #TRAD75)
Adult Monster Groom Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD767)
In Stock!
$39.33 $19.67
Adult Robber Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD806)
In Stock!
$28.49 $14.25
Adult Skitzo Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD840)
Adult Dead Groom Zombie Costume
(Item #TRAD844)
In Stock!
$64.89 $32.45
Adult Skeleton Costume
(Item #TRAD858)
In Stock!
$42.67 $21.34
Adult Tarzan Costume
(Item #TRAD884)
In Stock!
$51.69 $25.85
Adult Deluxe Tarzan Costume
(Item #TRAD885)
In Stock!
$69.29 $34.65
Adult Evil Jester Plus Size Costume
(Item #TRAD922)
Adult Grim Reaper Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD960)
Adult African King Costume
(Item #TRAD966)
Adult Burglar Halloween Costume
(Item #TRAD982)
In Stock!
$28.48 $14.24
Adult Grim Reaper Plus Size Costume
(Item #TRAD990)
Vampire B. Slayed Plus Size Costume
(Item #VMPR117)
Formal Zombie Costume
(Item #ZOMB08)
In Stock!
$43.77 $21.89
Ghostly Groom Scary Costume
(Item #ZOMB53)
Plus Size Skeleton Zombie Costume
(Item #ZOMB64)
Gruesome Groom Adult Costume
(Item #ZOMB82)
Womens Beetlejuice Costume
(Item #BETL14)
Adult Cavewoman Costume
(Item #BTRAD05)
In Stock!
$26.35 $13.18
Deluxe Ghostly Gal Adult Costume
(Item #BTRAD49)
In Stock!
$52.75 $26.38
Adult Corpse Bride Costume
(Item #CRPS02)
In Stock!
$55.61 $27.81
Corpse Bride Costume
(Item #CRPS07)
Adult Corpse Bride Costume
(Item #CRPS08)
Deluxe Nun Costume
(Item #DLX01)
In Stock!
$34.09 $17.05
Plus Size Nun Costume
(Item #FFG03)
In Stock!
$42.67 $21.34
Gothic Mistress Costume
(Item #GOTH21)
In Stock!
$78.09 $39.05
Mail Order Bride Costume
(Item #HUMR296)
In Stock!
$66.00 $33.00
Adult Pop Art Girl Costume
(Item #HUMR608)
Adult Mother Superior Nun Costume
(Item #RLGS12)
Plus Size Nun Costume
(Item #RLGS13)
In Stock!
$37.13 $18.57
Nun Better Nun Costume
(Item #RLGS19)
Nun Adult Costume Kit
(Item #RLGS21)
In Stock!
$15.39 $7.70
Scary Mary Nun Adult Costume
(Item #RLGS41)
Adult Nun Costume
(Item #RLGS44)
In Stock!
$25.29 $12.65
Some things never go out of style-- that's what you get with traditional costumes. And Costume Craze has thousands to choose from, for boys and girls, men and women. Looking for a traditional Halloween costume? How about a witch, vampire, ghost, werewolf, or monster costume? Need traditional theater costumes for your next school production? We have everything you'll ever need for any school play-- costumes, wigs, makeup, props... we have it all. Are you looking for coordinated outfits for your dance or cheer team? Costume Craze has so many fun costumes that would be perfect for you. Or maybe you have a special school project, where teaching in costume would help the kids learn, and make you, the teacher, a superstar? We have that, too. So the next time you need something for that special occasion, Costume Craze has you covered year round. And speaking of special occasions, have you ever seen those spectacularly themed weddings, with participants and guests in costume, and wish you could have one just like it? Well, you can! The number of ways costumes touch our lives is truly amazing. Costume Craze is honored to be part of what makes life so much fun!