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Arabian and Belly Dancer Costumes

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Browse our large selection of Arabian and Belly Dancer costumes for kids and adults! From Royal Sultan and Sheik to Genie and Belly Dancer costumes, you'll find all the best Arabian costumes right here at Costume Craze!more

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Have fun with Belly Dance costumes!

A Belly Dance costume is a great choice when it's time to dress up and have fun. Learning to belly dance is also a great way to get exercise, increase stamina, and improve your balance. Plus, it's fun to try something new!

Why buy a Belly Dance costume? There are so many reasons!

Talent shows and performances

Belly Dancer Talent Show

Our Belly Dance costumes are perfect for putting on a show. When you're performing on stage, you'll look like a professional belly dancer from head to toe!

It's a great costume for parties!

Belly Dancer Costume Party

It's a great costume for parties! When you need a costume for a party, or just want to have fun at a dance, you can't go wrong with a Bellydance costume. We carry a full selection in sizes for women and girls-- and we even have adorable costumes for your dancing toddler.

Be a Belly Dancer for Halloween!

Belly Dancer Halloween

There's something magical about Belly Dancer costumes, and it's a great costume choice for a magical night like Halloween! You'll have a great time trick-or-treating with your friends, attending a Halloween party, or marching in your school's Halloween parade.

Complete your look with Belly Dance Accessories!

Belly Dancer Accessories

Complete your Belly Dancer costume with a set of Finger Cymbals, for the perfect musical accompaniment. Also consider adding a gorgeous Coin Wrap to your outfit... the ringing chimes and jingling coins will help you keep rhythm as you dance. And for a finishing touch, add a shiny Belly Dancer Jewel to your navel! Our kit comes complete with jewel and adhesive spirit gum.

Now you're all set... get ready to Belly Dance in style!

Watch Ellen learn to belly dance! Doesn't this look like fun? Now it's your turn!