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Costume Craze is the right place for amazing Batgirl costumes! Show off your girl power with a Batgirl Halloween costume that's worthy of fighting crime and taking down the bad guys! You'll be a hero at your next costume party.more

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Batgirl Costumes

Although she may not get as much big-screen attention as Gotham's Dark Knight, Batgirl is a hero in a class all her own. Batgirl is a key member of Batman's inner circle who, along with Robin, helps fight the criminal element in Gotham City. In the comics, Commissioner Gordon's daughter Barbara is usually the woman behind the Batgirl mask; however, over time, there have been several other characters who have also donned the costume to become Batgirl.

When buying a Batgirl Halloween costume, you have a number of options, as the style of the outfit has changed along with the woman inhabiting the role of Batgirl. New costume styles and more traditional or sexy styles are available as dresses or jumpsuits, and although the bat symbol and cape are standard features on many of our Batgirl costumes, other details vary, including even something as basic as the color.

Most of the costumes for women and teens are some variation of black or purple with or without yellow accents. For girls, toddlers, and babies, however, Batgirl costumes may include colors such as pink or purple. Humans aren't the only ones who can take up the role, though: With our costumes, even dogs can be Batgirl. Costume accessories provide the finishing touch and will take your superheroine ensemble to the next level, so make sure to pick up Batgirl accessories such as capes, tights, nail art, and a bat-weapon to complete your look.

When you purchase a Batgirl costume from Costume Craze, you can rest easy knowing that you've received one of the best deals possible thanks to our low-price guarantee. But while our prices will help you save money, we will never skimp on the quality, appeal, or design of our high-quality Batgirl costumes. If you have a question before you buy or about your order, our customer support team can swoop in to assist you. Browse our Batgirl ensembles today!

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