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Dress up as Beetlejuice and get ready for a hauntingly good time! This beloved movie from 1988 has created decades of ghostly fun for fans both young and old. There is something magical about Michael Keaton's portrayal of mischievous ghost, and the character is still wildly popular today.more

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Beetlejuice Costumes

His real name is Betelgeuse, but it's pronounced Beetlejuice, so that's the way it's normally spelled in pop culture. He's a powerful ghost who lives in the Netherworld. And how do you summon him? You just say his name three times!


When Betelgeuse appears, you never know what will happen. He loves scaring people and has demonstrated a wide range of supernatural powers. Beetlejuice can teleport, shapeshift, levitate, possess the living, and he frequently rotates his head 360 degrees when he's feeling silly. He's also a special kind of ghost known as a Bio-Exorcist, who specializes in scaring away living people.

If you ever accidentally summon Beetlejuice, you can send him back home by saying his name three times again. And if you find yourself trapped in the Netherworld, just chant "Home, home home!" three times, and you'll return to the living world.

With such a perfect mixture of comedy, fun and horror, Beetlejuice is a great costume choice for party. He wears a stylish black and white outfit, and has a head of wild white hair. You'll be a hit at your Halloween celebration! Find a place to hide, and have a friend chant Betelgeuse three times. Then jump out and scare everyone, and get ready for lots of laughs!

Watch the intro to the animated Beetlejuice TV show that aired from 1989 to 1991!