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Black Widow Costumes

Black Widow Costumes for
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Fans of this super spy will love dressing up in a Black Widow costume. Avengers members depend on Black Widow's savvy spy skills and expert martial arts training. Order your costume today and join the superhero fun!more

Marvel Avengers Black Widow Costumes

The Black Widow character was created by Stan Lee and Don Rico in the 60's. Since her first appearance in the Tales of Suspense comic series, she has developed into the red-headed heroine we know today. Represent your favorite female Avenger when you dress up in a Black Widow costume! Scarlett Johansson famously portrayed her in the latest Avengers and Captain America films, pushing the popularity of Black Widow to an all-time high.

Our selection of Black Widow costumes will suit you up just like Russian spy Natasha Romanova, otherwise known as Black Widow. Your Black Widow Avengers costume will replicate her stretchy black body suit. The material is perfect for busting out the martial arts moves. Costumes sizes are available for adults and children.

We know that fans young and old want a chance to wear a Black Widow Marvel costume, whether the occasion is a Halloween party or your next comic book convention. We have looks that match her movie outfit as well as the costume design featured in comic books. We believe in variety among super suit options!

Our Black Widow costume accessories supply everything you need to disguise yourself as Natasha. We've got red wigs that can spare you a haircut and dye! Black Widow may have a sharp wit, but she needs weapons too. Find your weapon of choice in our accessories arsenal.

When you wear a Black Widow Halloween costume, Avengers can assemble with you to form an awesome super group with your friends. If you want to wear a recognizable pop culture character while showing off your love for superheroes, you can't go wrong with a Black Widow costume. Avengers are an ever popular choice and a favorite franchise.

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