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Catwoman Costumes

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Catwoman Costumes -- Your Catwoman Halloween costume is sure to turn heads at your next party. Catwoman's outfits are a cross between fashion and function. You'll feel like you can leap from rooftops and go toe to toe with Batman or the Joker when you suit up in our gear! Be sure to check out our Catwoman accessories to find everything you need to rob Gotham’s finest or fight off masked vigilantes. We have Selina's signature whip as well as a variety of cat masks, hats, and goggles. Don't forget to show those claws!more

Catwoman Costumes

Hit the Gotham streets Selina Kyle-style with a Catwoman Halloween costume from Costume Craze. Catwoman is one of the sneakiest citizens of Gotham and you never know whose side she’s on. You can be just as mysterious when you suit up in one of our sleek Catwoman costumes.

If you want to be an expert thief, you’re going to have dress in black. We have a number of jumpsuits available. Catwoman has appeared in a number of comics, movies, and television episodes across several different generations, and Costume Craze has Catwoman costumes to represent a number of different eras in bat-history. We have her high-tech look from the Dark Knight film as well as her bejeweled outfit from the classic Batman television series.

The elusive Catwoman is Batman’s part-time enemy and part-time love interest. Capture her beautiful, mysterious, and dangerous aura at your next Halloween party. We even have kids Catwoman costumes for the young ones who have a more villainous side, complete with her ear-like goggles.

Get in touch with your inner feline when you wear a Catwoman Halloween costume from Costume Craze! Our high-quality costumes have gotten great reviews from thousands of customers worldwide. And our prices are a steal worthy of Catwoman's attention. Check out the Deals of the Day for clearance prices up to 90% off, and take advantage of our 115% low price guarantee. Can't find what you’re looking for? Contact our caped crusaders in customer service. For the very best deals on Batman costumes, you can count on Costume Craze every time, same bat-time, same bat-channel!

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