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Whether you need clown costumes for Halloween, a children's party, or a volunteer event, Costume Craze has the high-quality clown costumes you need at affordable prices. We have outfits for men and women and, if you want your family to dress in a circus theme, you can purchase a fun kids clown costume. Make sure to browse the accessories section to make sure that your costume is complete with a foam nose, rainbow wig, funny socks, or a noisemaker prop. Props are the key to clowning!more

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Clown Costumes

Whether you are trying to cheer up a friend or just find a smile, a clown costume from Costume Craze can help to achieve your goal while having some fun! Clowns have been around for centuries with their earliest origins appearing in Roman and Greek theater. The clowns we know today are most closely based on circus clowns with their brightly colored hair and expressively painted faces. Black and white mimes are a comically silent and popular choice, too. Or go for a medieval look in a jester costume.

Clowns aren't always funny and lighthearted…sometimes they have a sinister twist. Costume Craze also offers scary clown Halloween costumes. Recent events and pop culture characters have encouraged a rise in scary clown costumes. You can find the latest here and join in on this trend. Did you know a fear of clowns is called coulrophobia? Give your Halloween party guests a fright in our scary clown costumes.

We have a clown costume for all ages and sizes, from toddler clown costumes to teen clown costumes, adult clown costumes, and plus sizes. We even have a clown costume for your dog! Check out our full selection of clown wigs, make-up and accessories! Remember to contact customer service with questions, we are happy to help you clown around! Check out our Deal of the Day to see what items are on sale up to 90% off!

Check out the latest clown costumes and accessories from Costume Craze!