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Day of the Dead Costumes

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At Costume Craze, we carry a large selection of Day of the Dead Halloween costumes that provide a fantastic mix of conventional and modern style. We also have the perfect accessories to add some finishing touches to your unique look. Our Day of Dead costumes come in different styles and themes like a bride or a bullfighter.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations have exploded in popularity over the past few years, and they wouldn't be the same without the dazzling costumes. Now, you can join in the fun! Whether you are going to a Dia de los Muertos festival or want to look colorful in a Day of the Dead Halloween costume, we have an outfit that you will love.more

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Day of the Dead Costumes

According to Mexican folklore, at midnight on the first of November, the spirits of the deceased are given the chance to reunite with their families for 24 hours. The activities around this festive holiday involve lots of color, music, dancing and dressing up in special attire that reflects the purpose of the occasion: remembering and honoring deceased loved ones.

If you're familiar with Day of the Dead costumes, then you've had the opportunity to admire the sugar skull makeup and masks that accompany them. However, you may not know that they can be attributed to the Mexican illustrator José Guadalupe Posada. His illustrations featured skeletons, which would come to be associated with the Mexican holiday after his death. A Day of the Dead Halloween costume from our shop is often styled after Posada's designs and illustrations.

A Dia de los Muertos costume is often dressed up with skulls, marigolds, and brightly colored floral designs that offer a beautiful contrast to the darker elements that make up the attire. You are sure to be eye-catching and feel festive when wearing a Day of the Dead costume.

If you need help finding the right Dia de los Muertos costume, our chat representatives are available and happy to help. You can also take advantage of our blog for additional inspiration and take a look at our daily deals. Get the right look for less with us today!