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When you want a historical costume to party in, there’s no greater era to throw back to than the 1920s. You will look so stylish and ready to paint the town red in one of our fabulously fun flapper costumes. Flapper costumes are chic and flirty, and we have all of the styles and accessories for you to design your perfect flapper costume.more

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Flapper Halloween Costumes

Flappers loved to party in the Prohibition era while swing-dancing to jazz. Styles were very different from what was sported in the decade before: Roaring Twenties dresses were short and slender, and when you shop with Costume Craze, your Roaring ’20s dress can have the signature threads of beads just like they used to. They’ll make an awesome shimmy effect when you do the Charleston! A 1920s flapper dress is often solid-colored, and we have many to choose from, but we also have some stunning beaded Art Deco designs. When you wear a flapper dress costume from Costume Craze, you’ll be the most stylish girl at the speakeasy. You might also want to check out our other historical dresses, including burlesque gowns.

Be sure to check out our flapper accessories: They’re the bee’s knees! A long pearl necklace is an absolute must, and don’t forget your hair! We carry classic feathered headpieces and bobbed wigs if you don’t feel like cropping your own locks. There are so many spiffy add-ons to choose from, like purses, boas, earrings, long gloves, and cigarette holders. Channel your inner Zelda Fitzgerald or Daisy Buchanan and you will be the life of the party when you wear flapper costumes from Costume Craze.

Known for their love of frivolities, flappers weren’t shy about flashing their cash, but you won’t have to when you shop with us. We offer a 115% low price guarantee! We’ll make up the difference if you find a better deal on an identical costume from a different online costume retailer. Our Deals of the Day are the cat’s meow! Stop by to find clearance deals up to 90% off. Need your flapper costume fast? Choose our next-day-air shipping option. Remember you can contact our customer service team for support; they’re real swell. Let Costume Craze suit you up for a night on the town in one of our ritzy flapper costumes!

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