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If you want to be the fastest man alive, then you're going to love putting on a red super-suit and getting speedy with a high-quality The Flash costume. When it comes to Halloween costumes, Flash outfits are a popular choice.more

Wear The Flash Halloween Costume and Get Speedy!

Barry Allen has been a DC fan favorite since he made his first appearance in the 1940s. After being hit by a freak bolt of lightning while working in his lab, Barry found that he had the power of super speed, and his transformation into The Flash was complete.

The Flash has appeared in many different comics, movies, and television shows, but The Flash costume elements remain recognizable. No matter which Flash superhero costume you choose, your outfit will be red and yellow with hints of the lightning bolt that changed Barry Allen's life. The more simplified classic The Flash costumes will look sleek and bright at your next comic convention or Halloween party. But if you favor the updated look from the recent television show, we have you covered there, too! Think you have to be a guy to dress as The Flash? Think again! We have The Flash Halloween costume options for women, too. Pair this outfit with some red tights and you'll be ready to run around the world in record time.

Have you heard of The Flash's young apprentice, Wally West? Kids will love getting speedy as the Kid Flash! We have a variety of kid-sized Flash Halloween costumes for infants, toddlers, tweens, and teens. Make your dog a Flash fan, too: We've got Flash dog costumes to fit canines big and small. Dash by our accessories section to pick up any add-ons you may need, like boots or cowls. You'll want to run laps to practice your super speed. It has many uses! The Flash can run so fast he's even been able to time-travel.

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