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Raise a Stone Age Family with Fred and Wilma Costumes! Our Flintstones costumes can transform your clan into the modern Stone Age family. You'll get recognized as a citizen of Bedrock when you show up at your next costume party in one of our Flintstones Halloween costumes.more

The Flintstones Costumes

The Flintstones first appeared on American television screens in the 60's and they have remained a pop culture icon ever since their Stone Age technology and fashion were introduced. The Flintstones' world is popping with colorful dinosaurs and clever contraptions, like their stone-wheeled car powered by their large caveman feet. Now you can cruise around like Fred while wearing a Flintstones costume of your own.

These cavemen make cute couples costumes! Dress up in Fred and Wilma costumes to represent your favorite family, or opt for their goofy neighbors and wear Barney and Betty costumes. Go on a double date and have twice the fun! And we didn't forget the kids! We have Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm costumes, too. From their toddler days to their teenage appearance in The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show, we have a look that will transform you into the Stone Age kid duo.

Trying to create your own unique Bedrock citizen? We have a variety of caveman fashions to choose from. Check out our wigs, sandals, and tunics. Don't worry about growing out a crazy beard! We've got you covered in our wig section. Our accessories can even equip you to hunt mammoths and saber-tooth tigers! Wield a stone axe or club to protect yourself in the prehistoric world. After all, Bamm-Bamm needs a club to bam with.

Costume Craze wants to help you have a real good time and add you to our list of thousands of happy customers. Our 115% low price guarantee means you'll say "yabba dabba doo" when you find out how much you saved. Your family will look adorable in these Flintstones costumes, and you can take a look at our blog to find further costume inspiration and theme ideas. Get your guests ready to meet the Flintstones this Halloween when you roll up to the party dressed as Bedrock's finest.