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Show your love of treats this Halloween by choosing candy costumes from Costume Craze! For a look that’s sweet, cute, or silly, you can’t go wrong with a candy costume. But we’ve got costumes for plenty of other foods, too! There’s no doubt we all love food, but that doesn’t mean we want to wear it … or do we? Costume Craze has a yummy selection of food costumes for every taste. Look like a dreamy chocolate kiss or sizzle like bacon and eggs. You’ll be the hit at any party with our pizza hat. Our cupboards are just full of costume goodies!more

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Food and Beverage Costumes

What’s your favorite candy? We can dress you up like Nerds, M&Ms, and so much more. Will you be given more candy if you wear a candy costume? Why not give it a try?

One of our most popular choices is a cupcake costume. Who could resist the bright colors and cute skirts? These are available in adult and child sizes, and we even have a cupcake costume for your dog! Trick-or-treaters will be delighted when they open the door and see your candy costumes. Double the treats means double the fun, whether you are passing out traditional Halloween candy or a spooky treat that you made yourself!

Food costumes can make a fun and cute group or couple costume. You could promote a healthy breakfast by dressing as bacon and eggs. And what goes together better than peanut butter and jelly or ketchup and mustard? A cupcake costume will look precious on your baby, but there are many other options for the littlest member of your family, such as fruit and veggies. Be sure to check out our accessories section to find everything you need to get your food costume to look just right. We have hats, shoes, gloves, and more! The right accessory can make or break that perfect look you’re striving for.

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