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For an air of fun and mystery at your next costume party, try out a Gypsy costume from Costume Craze. Gypsies are travelers, and our costumes are inspired by many customs and styles you may have encountered on your journey. These Gypsy outfits can be fun, flirty, or mysterious. No matter which look you choose, we have a high-quality costume that you will love.more

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Gypsy Costumes

A fortune-teller costume is a perfect choice for a Halloween event. It’s just the right mix of beautiful, mysterious, and a little spooky. Practice your tarot reading and polish up your crystal ball and you can entertain party guests with your amazing predictions and insights. Why not brew up some tea and show your friends a glimpse into the future at the bottom of their cups? A fortune-teller costume has been a traditional Halloween staple for years, and we have many styles and colors to choose from.

Our Gypsy outfits are colorful and detailed, and they will flow and swirl while you’re dancing. Some Gypsy costumes are inspired by the character Esmeralda from the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You, too, can capture her mesmerizing appearance when you wear one of our costumes! Be sure to check out our accessories to make your costume as well-adorned as a Gypsy outfit should be. We have plenty of jewelry to choose from, like sets of bracelets, beautiful necklaces, sashes, headbands, earrings, and so much more. Here, you can also find the tarot cards you need to be a proper fortune-teller or the tambourine you need to play your Gypsy tunes.

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