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We’re all mad in Gotham City! Grab your hammer and transform yourself into the clown queen of the Gotham crime scene in a Harley Quinn Halloween costume from Costume Craze. Harley is one of Batman’s most recognizable villains, and thanks to new movie and comic book appearances, she has become one of Gotham’s most popular rogues. Get the latest and trendiest looks from our collection of Harley Quinn costumes!more

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Harley Quinn Halloween Costumes

Harley has had many different looks, but they are all absolutely fabulous and have a clownish court jester vibe, so she can keep up with her clown prince of crime. Wear a Harley Quinn adult costume and dress your significant other as the Joker for a cute and killer look! We also have tamer looks for your little one who wants to clown around in a Harley Quinn costume for kids.

Harley Quinn costumes aren’t just for Halloween. You can be the queen of the next comic convention in a Harley Quinn cosplay outfit. Rock Harley’s classic jester look or her leather-clad outfit inspired by her video game appearances. Either way, you’ll definitely stand out among the comic-book crowd.

Make sure you check out all of our Harley Quinn costume accessories. We’ve got Harley’s mallet, bats, masks, and more so you can chase off Batman or any of his loser sidekicks. You can also find a pair of flashy tights or a two-tone wig to complete your look. We’ve got the costume; all you need is the attitude!

Your Harley Quinn Halloween costume will put a big smile on your face, and our prices are just to die for. With our 115% low price guarantee, not even Batman can beat our bargains. Make sure you check out our Deals of the Day page for the most criminally low prices, including clearance deals up to 90% off. Check out our other Batman costumes so you and your friends can put together a Gotham City Sirens group costume. Need help finding a costume or product? Point the bat signal at our customer service team and they’ll be there to save the day.