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Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

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Your little girls will have a great time dressing up as one of their favorite fairy tale characters when they wear a Little Red Riding Hood costume. They will be ready for any event or play or simply to dress up around the house. And with our full range of character costumes from the classic fairy tale, the whole family can join in the fun!more

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Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

Costume Craze has some of the best girls' costumes, including the largest variety of Little Red Riding Hood costumes you can find. We can sell you a full Little Red Riding Hood costume, or you can pick up a range of accessories to personalize your look: We sell woven baskets, sparkling shoes, knee socks, and more. And of course, no costume is complete without a Little Red Riding Hood cape.

Every great fairytale has a fearsome villain, and you'll find that we have both affordable and premium wolf costumes so you can play the part of the Big Bad Wolf. We have a selection of styles from humorous to horrifying. Any choice will have you howling at the moon!

Maybe you've come here looking for a little something for yourself, and if so, we can guarantee that you will turn heads in one of our sexy Little Red Riding Hood costume options. Wear cute knee socks, a flirty skirt, and a gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood cape to complete the look.

Dress up your significant other in one of our premium Big Bad Wolf costumes matched with your Little Red Riding Hood costume and venture out as one of the most famous and conflicted couples of the century. You both will look like you stepped straight out of a storybook when you show up wearing our costumes. Don't forget one of our basket accessories to bring to Granny's house. Or how about a weapon to protect you from that ferocious wolf? No matter what you choose, you'll get fast shipping and the lowest prices around.

If you lose your way in the woods, don't forget that our customer support specialists are ready and waiting to help you along your way. We will be happy to help you choose which of our Red Riding Hood costumes you should greet Granny in. Before you know it, you'll be saying, "My, what great service you have!"