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Evil witches are a Halloween staple, and few witches are as iconic as Sleeping Beauty's nemesis, Maleficent. Maleficent is the reigning queen of Disney villains, and now you can channel her mystical powers and fierce attitude with a Maleficent costume of your own.more

Maleficent/Sleeping Beauty Costumes

Maleficent is such a powerful presence that she has made appearances in several different movies and television shows. Audiences are drawn to her mystery and, of course, her darkly fabulous look. Our Maleficent costumes will deck you out in her signature blacks, purples, and pinks. And of course, your Maleficent Halloween costume will include her devilish horns and a dramatic cape.

Mom isn't the only one who can rock a Maleficent costume: Kids can get witchy, too, in our teen-size costumes. But maybe your little girl dreams of being a princess instead? Not to worry: We also have plenty of Aurora costumes to choose from. Aurora's pink dress comes in a variety of sizes and styles. You can even dress up your dog to match! Don't have Aurora's golden locks? Not to worry! We sell wigs and a variety of other accessories. No Maleficent Halloween costume is complete without her magic staff. Choose from several varieties to cast your spell in style. We even have her crow companion. Our accessories section also features dark wings, dramatic jewelry, and crowns for Princess Aurora. Make sure you stop by to find everything you need for your Maleficent costume. Kids especially love to have a prop to use with their outfit.

Costume Craze has been trusted by thousands of customers worldwide. You can be sure that our Maleficent costumes are of high quality. We know you'll feel powerful and look great when you wear one of our Sleeping Beauty-inspired costumes. Our Maleficent costumes will have you looking fabulous whether you're at a Halloween party, out trick-or-treating, or simply playing a game of Sleeping Beauty dress-up. Remember to contact our customer service team if you have questions or need help finding anything. They will be happy to help you get the enchanting look you want! And check out our Deals of the Day for the very best clearance prices available.