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Medieval and Renaissance Costumes for Girls

Medieval and Renaissance Costumes for
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Step right into Camelot with a girls' Renaissance costume from Costume Craze! If your little girl dreams of transforming into a fairytale princess, she is sure to look and feel the part when she wears a Renaissance costume. Girls will love dressing up in the beautiful styles of the Middle Ages! No matter which character your little girl wants to model herself after, she is sure to love wearing a medieval girl's costume, whether she wants to dress as a queen, princess, huntress, or peasant.


Medieval and Renaissance Costumes for Girls

Renaissance costumes for girls are available in many beautiful colors and styles. The clothing of the period was known to feature fur, jewels, and hats that can add to your child's dress-up fun. These costumes can inspire hours of creative play! After putting on a Renaissance costume, girls can act out the life of a courtly lady.

A girls' Renaissance costume will pop with life and detail when worn on stage during a play. Our high-quality costumes can also help you fit in at a Renaissance faire: These events are double the fun when you dress up in costume and truly get immersed in the medieval world! Our stock includes dresses that are ornate and glamorous as well as simple peasant attire. Would you rather rob from the rich to give to the poor? Now you can: You're not limited to dresses and skirts when you choose a Robin Hood medieval girls' costume. There are countless ways to accessorize Renaissance outfits, so make sure to check out our selection to find the pieces that can truly make your costume stand out. We have crowns, capes, jewelry, bows and arrows, shoes, and anything else you can imagine to fit with your Renaissance girl costume. You can also browse our adult medieval costumes and find outfits for the whole family!

If you need help finding a product, use the chat box to talk to our customer service team: We'll make sure you're ready for the Renaissance faire! Our blog is also a helpful resource, full of costuming ideas if you need to kick-start your imagination. Costume Craze knows the way to Camelot, so follow us for the best girls' medieval dresses around!