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Mermaid Costumes

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It's time to trade in your sea legs for a mermaid tail! At Costume Craze we have everything you are looking for in a mermaid costume. Take a hint of the sea with you when you go out trick-or-treating in a mermaid Halloween costume from Costume Craze.

Costume Craze is your number one resource for all aquatic royalty: we've got King Neptune costumes for him and some of the most realistic mermaid costumes for her. And let's not forget Ariel, the Little Mermaid! Your daughter will love transforming into Ariel when she puts on our kids' mermaid costume.more

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Mermaid Costumes

The enchanting mermaid - half woman, half fish - has been spoken of by weary sailors traveling across the ocean for thousands of years. Mermaid legends have been around for ages and aren't about to die-off anytime soon.

When you show up to your next party or event in a mermaid Halloween costume, you'll be proof that mermaids really do exist!

Not only do we have one of the largest mermaid costume selections around but we've also got every mermaid accessory that a beautiful siren from the sea could need to help your costume stand out in a sea of partygoers. An Ariel wig to match a kids' mermaid costume is an absolute must.

And if you feel like you'd rather stay on land, be sure to check out our huge variety of sexy Halloween costumes here at Costume Craze. Our selection will impress you just as much as you'll impress all of your friends at your next party or event. No matter which look you choose, Costume Craze will ensure that you are absolutely fabulous and at a price you'll love! Take advantage of our 115% low price guarantee. You don't have to dive deep to find great savings on mermaid costumes. Costume Craze is your one stop shop! And if you need any help locating a product, swim on over to the chat box to contact our customer service team. They'll be happy to lend you a helping hand or fin.