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If you dress up like Minnie, you can bet that you'll be pretty in polka dots. Minnie is all about sophistication and class, but the polka dots really bring out her fun side! Whether you choose a look that's pink or red, all of them include the signature polka dots. From the traditional Minnie Mouse outfit to a flirty twist, we have it all.

At Costume Craze, we're also the best place to look when you're wondering where to buy Minnie Mouse costume accessories. Our selection would make Minnie proud! If you aren't a mouse, don't worry: We aren't mice, either, but we've got a great selection of mouse ear headbands to help you look the part. Don't forget to top it all off with a big bow from our adorable bowtique! We also have great deals on white gloves, sparkly shoes, and adorable socks and leggings.more

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Adorable Minnie Mouse Costumes for Halloween

Minnie Mouse was created by Walt Disney in 1928, but you'd never be able to guess her age on sight! This little mouse is known for being a fashion icon, and she has even attracted world-famous designers dying to dress her up in their twists on her classic look. If you are searching for a classic costume that shows off your fashion-forward side, a Minnie Mouse Halloween costume might be the perfect fit for you.

Double the fun by matching your Minnie Mouse Halloween costume with a Mickey on your arm! This is a recognizable and fun costume idea that can suit siblings, friends, and couples alike. Your Minnie Mouse outfit will prepare you for a themed birthday party, Halloween, Disney events, and fun dress-up games. Apply some of Minnie's eye for fashion and you'll find that the possibilities are endless! All that's left to do is study the work of actress Russi Taylor to get your Minnie Mouse voice down pat.

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