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My Little Pony Costumes

My Little Pony Costumes for
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Friendship is magic when you gather a group of pals and dress up in a My Little Pony Halloween costume from Costume Craze! Each pony is colorful and unique, with its own cutie mark that represents its personality. We know that you want to wear something that lets your true colors shine through when it comes to choosing Halloween costumes.more

My Little Pony Costumes

My Little Pony characters can allow you to truly represent who you are, and they are 20% cooler than your everyday Halloween costume! But you won't pay 20% more: In fact, with our low-price guarantee, you'll save a bundle on our My Little Pony costumes.

My Little Pony first galloped into children's imaginations in the 1980s with a line of toys and a TV show. The current television series, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, introduced the ponies and the land of Equestria to a new generation. Adults and children alike can find a My Little Pony costume for sale here that represents their favorite pony, whether it's Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, or Pinkie Pie. Everyone's a "brony" when you wear our My Little Pony costumes!

A pony is not just defined by their cutie mark. They have awesome manes, too! Check out our selection of colorful wigs to imitate your favorite pony's mane. Are you sporty, speedy, and sassy? You'll totally rock our multicolored Rainbow Dash wig. If you're a natural-born leader with a love of books and learning, check out our cool Twilight Sparkle wig. We have everything you need for your My Little Pony costume for sale, so you can turn into the coolest pony in Equestria. But remember, it's a pony's personality that really makes them shine, not just their mane and cutie mark!

Our speedy shipping will deliver your My Little Pony Halloween costume faster than Rainbow Dash! And our 115% low price guarantee ensures that you'll get the lowest prices on pony Halloween costumes. My Little Pony outfits from Costume Craze can help you make sure you show up to Pinkie Pie's parties in style! If you need help locating a product, just contact the costume experts on our customer service team for help: They'll be glad to help you get the dazzling look you want!