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Native American Indian Costumes

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This year add a little character to your Thanksgiving meal by dressing in costumes like you were at the first thanksgiving. Dad can be the chief, Mom a Native American beauty, and there are plenty of options for the kids as well. Not only will you have a blast reenacting the first Thanksgiving, but the kids will remember it for years down the road. Plus, they will have learned something new.

Other than dressing up for Thanksgiving dinner, there are so many other uses of the Native American Indian Costumes. Use them for school presentations, historical reenactments, and community theater. Dressing up for these occasions will make the moment more memorable and engaging. It makes learning about American history more interesting and fun!more

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Native American Indian Costumes

Not only do we have the best choices of Native American Indian Costumes, but we have great accessories. What would a chief be without an elaborate headdress, breastplate, or war spear? For the women, you can find Indian beaded bracelets, bow and arrows, fringe boots, wigs and more. Put the final touches on your costume with these accessories to look your best.

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