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Ahoy there mateys! So ye have fixed upon the pirating life. Well, pull up a barrel and this old sack o' bones will share a few secrets about the best pirate accessories. Every seafarer needs a good hat to keep off the sun and rain, and my, do we have some mighty stylish ones to choose from! You'll also be wanting some sort of sword or dagger or maybe even a hook for the fightin'. And ye can make yer look more fearsome with a big bushy beard. Be pondering what sort o' sea bandit look yer goin' for, because we have a fine selection of items to accessorize your pirate costume!more

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Pirate Costume Accessories

Eyepatches are not just for covering up that rusty socket-- they also help preserve yer night sight for below-decks skulduggery. For you feminine types we have petticoats to put a bustle in yer step, and tights and hose and other such lady stuff. And... Blimey! I almost forgot boots! Pull some boot tops over yer shoes or get a brand new pair fer yer fancy new duds. And wigs too! Long flowing locks or tangled dreadlocks, it's yer choice fer disguise. There's all sorts of pirates on the ocean: French Buccaneers, Mediterranean Corsairs, English Sea Dogs, Renegades of the West Indies, Spanish Marooners, even the famous Chinese lady pirate, Ching Shih. Choose yer path well, and get the costume accessories to match. Craft yer legend and be prepared for any adventure!