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The possibilities for evil are endless when you slip on a Poison Ivy Batman costume. These options are sure to stun fans at a comic book convention. If you dress as Poison Ivy, Batman Halloween costume groups will be complete: Gather some friends to join you as other rogues and hit the streets as the biggest baddies in Gotham. Pair up Ivy with another villain for a wickedly fun couples costume. She can join with Bane, Riddler, or Harley Quinn for a deadly duo. Or you can really turn heads when you show up with Batman in tow.more

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Sometimes, the most beautiful plants are the most dangerous, and no one knows this better than Batman's alluring enemy, Poison Ivy. Pamela Isley is a former biochemist turned radical eco-terrorist. After being subjected to some dangerous experimentation, Poison Ivy was born and gained total mastery over the plants she promised to protect. Poison Ivy uses her entrancing pheromones to bend Gotham citizens to her will, and she won't rest until nature rules the city. Choose a Poison Ivy Batman costume from our selection and you'll beguile every guest at your next costume event.

We've got looks for all fans of the verdant villainess. Our Poison Ivy costumes for women include outfits inspired by the comic books, animated series, and Uma Thurman's look from Poison Ivy's movie debut. Each Poison Ivy Halloween costume is leafy, green, and gorgeous!

Poison Ivy is a notable redhead, but if you don't have her ginger locks, never fear! Costume Craze is here to help you transform into a recognizable Poison Ivy with an array of red wigs. Our other accessories can help you create your own lethal look: Tights, shoes, and nature-inspired pieces can put a twist on any green outfit and mark you as Gotham's most wanted botanist.

Lost in the weeds? Use the chat box to contact our customer support team with any questions you have about your Poison Ivy costume. Be sure to check out our blog for further costume inspiration, and take a look at our Deals of the Day to find unbeatable low prices. Our fast shipping makes last-minute shopping easy and stress-free. Shop with us today to experience the best costumer outside of Gotham City.

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