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Step aside, Alice! Make way for our Queen of Hearts costumes! We have one of the largest royal Queen of Hearts costume selections anywhere, including looks straight out of Wonderland. It's good to be the queen, and now you can dress in your royal finest to rule the party with scepter in hand.

Dress selections range from sweet to sexy, so you can rule in whatever royal look you choose. Make sure to browse through our accessories to find the crowning touch for your costume (and yes, we mean that literally).more

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Buy a Fierce and Fine Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume

Lewis Carroll's creation has been the terror of Wonderland for decades and has been seen in movies, television shows, and games. No matter which version is your favorite, Costume Craze has Red Queen costumes you'll love! The Red Queen was originally a separate character in the books, but these days, most Wonderland stories combine them into one wicked ruler.

Why not round up your costume party guests for a game of hedgehog croquet? The Queen of Hearts can do as she pleases. If anyone is opposed, it's "off with their heads!" You can command respect in one of these gorgeous gowns. The couture of the court is inspired by playing cards, and you'll see these designs on many of our Queen of Hearts costumes. We have costumes for the large and small, so whether you are young or old, you'll be able to find a regal Halloween costume. Queen of Hearts fans will not be disappointed! We wouldn't want to face your wrath, after all.

Our choices include crowns, scepters, shoes, stockings, and more. You could even assemble a royal court when you use our other Alice in Wonderland costumes to outfit your group. Use our chat box to contact our friendly support staff if you need help finding the piece that will make your Queen of Hearts Halloween costume complete.

Our fast delivery and incredible clearance deals up to 90% off make choosing your red Queen of Hearts costume both affordable and convenient. At Costume Craze, we'll be sure that you receive the royal treatment: All that's left to do is work on your royal posture and poise. Why not pose for a few photos on your throne or take to the lawn with your flamingo croquet mallet? It's our royal decree that your satisfaction is paramount when you count on Costume Craze for your costuming needs!