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At Costume Craze, we have the best Star Trek costumes in the galaxy at the best prices! Gene Rodenberry's creation has earned legions of devoted fans over the course of many years and many series and stories, and your Star Trek Halloween costume can be based on the original series, the movies, or The Next Generation.more

Star Trek Uniforms for Sale

Costume Craze can provide you with a Star Trek uniform in many colors and sizes, so whether you are basing your costume on a particular character or you want to be your own crew member on the USS Enterprise, we have the perfect costume for you!

With our high-quality Star Trek costumes, you can dress up as classic characters like Capt. Kirk and Capt. Picard. We even have a bald cap for you so you don't have to shave your head! If you've always wanted to try out Vulcan ears, you can dress up as Spock, too. Ladies might want to check out our Uhura costumes. Mix and match these Star Trek outfits with the right hair and makeup and Trekkies are sure to recognize you as their favorite character, whether you choose to portray a human, a Bajoran, or a Trill.

These Star Trek Halloween costumes make for a fun family trick-or-treating theme or a great outfit for your next science fiction convention. We have all of the uniform colors you need to create the Star Trek Halloween costume of your choice. Just be on your guard if you choose a red shirt! Go the extra mile and learn to speak Klingon, or beam up your dog to be your space-traveling companion. The possibilities are endless when you buy our Starfleet uniforms. When you wear these Star Trek costumes, you'll be read to boldly go where no one has gone before!

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