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If you're ready to board a steam-powered train to the 19th century, then look no further than our imaginative assortment of steampunk costumes and accessories. Steampunk costumes are the perfect mix between gorgeous Victorian fashion and hints of science fiction that only authors like H.G. Wells or Jules Verne could conjure up. Steampunk has grown to inspire movies, books, festivals, and music. And now, you can join this trend when you dress up in one of our outfits.

Allow your imagination to run wild as you adventure through our eclectic collection of steampunk Halloween costumes that are sure to have you looking like you stepped right out of a time machine. There are no rules when it comes to your steampunk Halloween costume; just put a fantasy twist on an outfit from the past. A steampunk costume or prop often emphasizes Victorian technology, so if you have cogs or gears, you can't go wrong. Browse our accessories to find other items like weapons, watches, and parasols. A steampunk Halloween costume is perfect if you want your look to be quirky and unique.more

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Steampunk Costumes

Whether you want a mermaid steampunk costume, a vampire, or a pirate, you'll find everything you need at Costume Craze to put together one of the most epic costumes imaginable. And if you're having trouble deciding what direction you'd like to take, fret no more. Our customer support specialists are just waiting for you to chat with them so they can help you explore the eclectic world of steampunk.

Don't forget that the perfect accompaniments to any steampunk costume are monocles, top hats, and aviator goggles, and we've got them all. Costume Craze is your source for the latest trends in high-quality steampunk Halloween costumes. Make sure to check out our Deal of the Day for the best sales! We can also ensure that you get your costume quickly when you choose next-day air shipping.

If steampunk goes a little too far back in history for you, be sure to check out one of our Roaring '20s costumes to suit your other period costume needs. No matter which costume you choose, we know you'll look like a time-traveler straight out of a gritty, dystopian past.