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Superman is the Man of Steel, and the last survivor of the planet Krypton. He was raised as Clark Kent in Smallville and became a reporter for a newspaper called The Daily Planet in the city of Metropolis. He needs to watch out for Kryptonite, a rock from his home planet, which can weaken and potentially kill him. Superman is also a member of a group of comic book superheroes known as the Justice League. Your next costume party will be a blast when you wear a Superman Costume! We have the latest costumes in adult and child sizes, and for your pets, too!

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Superman Costumes - Choose your style

Superman has worn a variety of costumes over the years, and we have them all in sizes for Adults, Kids, Babies and Pets!

Classic Superman Costumes

Classic Red and Blue Superman Costume

Perhaps the most iconic version of Superman's costume is the classic bright red and blue suit. This costume was worn by Christopher Reeve in the Superman movies of the late 70's and early 80's. This costume has been featured in most comics and animated productions as well.

Classic Superman CostumesClassic Superman Costumes

A Darker Red

In 2006, actor Brandon Routh donned the Superman costume for the movie Superman Returns. The costume is still a bright blue, but the red cape is a darker red, almost a maroon, and so is his underwear -- still proudly worn on the outside.

Superman Returns CostumesSuperman Returns Costumes

Man of Steel

Man of Steel was released in 2013, this time with Henry Cavill donning the suit. The Superman costume was changed quite a bit for this movie. It's a much darker blue, with texture added to the material. The Man of Steel's cape shifts back to being red instead of maroon, but *gasp* his famous red underwear is now removed!

Superman Man of Steel CostumesSuperman Man of Steel Costumes

Superman's Black Suit

We also carry a new version of Superman's costume. A black suit! We saw a glimpse of this black suit in a dream sequence during Man of Steel, as Zod tries to tempt Superman to use his power for evil.

Superman Costumes - Black Suit

Variations of Superman's black costume have appeared in comics, and even animated movies over the years. In the 2007 animated feature, Superman: Doomsday, a wounded Superman dons a black costume he calls his Solar Suit, which absorbs more energy from the sun and helps him regain strength.

Superman Doomsday Black Solar Suit

We're proud to offer the many versions of Superman's Costume! No matter what style you're looking for... you'll find all the Superman Man costumes right here at Costume Craze!

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