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Unicorn Costumes

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Unicorn Costumes for
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Do you want a colorful and cute costume that has a hint of magic? A unicorn Halloween costume is a perfect choice! Costumes don't have to be scary... sometimes, you just want to have some fun. And our selection of unicorn costumes will make you feel like you can jump over a rainbow!

A kids unicorn costume is a super-cute option for babies and toddlers. These costumes are high-quality and comfortable. They include a hood and stocking feet to keep their little hooves warm! But kids aren't the only ones who can look magical in a unicorn costume. Adult sizes are available, too! For more creative fun, why not throw a unicorn-themed birthday party? Your guests will have a great time galloping around in unicorn costumes, playing unicorn games, and making unicorn-themed crafts. And don’t forget to make rainbow cupcakes! Our accessories section can provide you with some fantastic party favors and prizes. The only thing that’s more fun than a unicorn birthday party is a unicorn costume party!more

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Unicorn Halloween Costumes

Kids shouldn't get to have all of the fun, though. Choose an adult unicorn costume for yourself that includes a dress, skirt, tutu, or gown. And make sure you gallop over to our accessories section to choose add-ons to make the most out of your unicorn Halloween costume. Every true unicorn has a horn, and we have a selection of hoods, hats, and masks that feature ears and a horn. But unicorns are also colorful! Saddle up with our array of multi-colored wigs and furry arm and leg warmers. There are teen- and tween-size costumes, too, so everyone can join in the fun. Unicorns are true individuals, and it’s easy to customize your costume to fit your style. No matter how you mix and match, you'll be clapping your hooves together when you see the finished look!

With our 115% low price guarantee, you can be sure that you're getting the best deals on unicorn costumes when you shop at Costume Craze. Do you have a last-minute dress-up occasion and need your costume fast? Use our next-day-air shipping option and we’ll get your outfit to you as quick as a dashing unicorn. And remember to contact our stable of customer service staff if you have any questions or need help locating a costume piece. Check out the Deals of the Day to find the very best prices, with deals up to 90% off. Capture the unicorn magic for yourself with one of our costumes!

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