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The moon is full, the trick-or-treaters are roaming, and you will be the scariest creature on the block when you wear one of our werewolf costumes for Halloween this year. Werewolves are hairy creatures we love to fear, making frequent appearances in horror and Halloween media. Tap into your wild side, and find the best werewolf costume online at Costume Craze. We'll have you howling at the moon!more

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Wear a Werewolf Halloween Costume and Shapeshift in Style

Halloween is associated with a roster of creepy monsters that spring to mind every time the jack-o-lanterns are lit and the spooky spirit is in the air. Werewolf lore dates back hundreds of years, making this beast the perfect costume choice. The belief in lycanthropy, or the ability for a human to change shape into a wolf, has appeared in folktales from many countries including Germany, Greece, and Romania.

Since the legends of the old days, werewolves have done further shapeshifting into pop culture icons that include terrifying lycanthropes, misunderstood creatures, and even romantic figures. Costume Craze is here to supply you with the fur needed to morph yourself into your favorite wolf. Our high-quality werewolf costumes are so realistic that you'll have to be watchful for werewolf hunters.

If you're a fan of wearing wigs and masks, then you'll love our selection of werewolf costumes for Halloween. The transformation from human to wolf requires some heavy disguise work, but we make it easy.. Our accessories section can provide you with everything you need to make sure you're covered from head to tail. We have hairy masks, clawed gloves, furry wigs, and fake fangs.

Our stock is sure to have the best werewolf costume for you, whether you are searching for a classic creature, or a more modern character from a franchise like Monster High. Our savings will have you howling at the moon. Our low price guarantee offers you in-store credit if you find the same costume at a lower price from a competing online costumer. Do you have questions about lycanthropy? Our customer service team is available to chat and help you find what you're looking for. Transform today with a wild werewolf costume!