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Western Costumes

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Ride into the Wild West with our Cowboy and Cowgirl costumes! Browse a variety of Western wear including Pioneer, Saloon Girl, and Native American Indian costumes. Dress up as a cowboy and round up the cattle, then head over to the saloon for a game of poker. Gals can don a cowgirl costume and shoot 'em up like Annie Oakley. The saloon girls will dance and put on a great show, while piano music plays merrily in the corner. You can help the brave pioneers who have traveled long and far to build new settlements. And you'll meet many Native American Indians along the way, who can trade furs and cattle on the great plains.more

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Western Costumes

It's called the Wild West for a good reason! What an exciting time to be alive. The Americans who persevered and survived are what makes America great today. These courageous pioneers risked it all to head out west, braving rough terrain, sickness, brutal winter storms, and dangerous animals along the way. Encounters with Native American Indians were often friendly, but sometimes not, and the pioneers were prepared for battle at any given moment.

You'll have a great time dressing up in our western costumes. These outfits are perfect for themed parties, Halloween, stage performances, school reenactments, and much more! Mix and match for creative couples and group costume themes, and get ready for a western hoedown. You'll look amazing dressed as a Saloon girl, while your date dresses as a cowboy or frontiersman. Prepare for a western adventure, and saddle up, Pardner!