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INFOGRAPHIC - 100 Years of Halloween Candy

By Kate Maloney

100 Years of Halloween Candy - CostumeCraze.com - Infographic

Information compiled and illustrated by CostumeCraze.com

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100 Years of Delicious Halloween Candy

Halloween's all about the costumes and the candy! But have you ever considered how your favorite treats came to be? We've found some fascinating history in the competition for America's most popular Halloween candy. Facts that may surprise you include how long some of these delicious confections have been around. We've also dug up Halloween candy facts about some of the more nostalgic candy that you may have forgotten about, like candy buttons, the Seven-Up bar, wax lips, and the Wonder Ball. Some Halloween treats aren't around anymore, while others are purchased by companies like Mars and Hershey and stay in the background for years. Who knew that the history of candy corn, for instance, was so complicated?

Which candy do you grab first for your treat bags, and which one would you rather dress up as in candy Halloween costumes? No matter which is your favorite candy, history tells us that that product had to fight quite a few others on its way to the top. Wow you friends with your Halloween candy trivia knowledge!

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