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INFOGRAPHIC - 50 Years of Academy Award-Winning Costume Design

By Kate Maloney

50 Years of Academy Award-Winning Costume Design - CostumeCraze.com - Infographic

Information compiled and illustrated by CostumeCraze.com

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Oscar Winners for Costume Design

Since the dawn of cinema, movie-goers have become enraptured by the costumes adorned by characters. Beyond the aesthetics, these costumes are often layered with history and meaning. They become iconic and coveted, venturing off-screen as fans dress up or become inspired by their favorite ensembles. The Academy Award for Best Costume Design has been honoring the creativity, detail, and dedication that goes into these costumes since 1948.

This infographic showcases winning films and designers from the past 50 years, serving as a delightful visual tour through history and fashion!

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50 Years of Academy Award-Winning Costume Design