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Halloween Crafts and Gifts

By Kate Maloney

Halloween is a spooky and exciting time of year! From Halloween parades at school to trick-or-treating to dressing up in costume and stuffing your face with candy, Halloween is so much fun. If you're planning a Halloween gathering this year, this guide will help you create a spooky atmosphere with Halloween decorations, whip up some delicious treats to enjoy before and after trick-or-treating, and teach you how to make the coolest costumes you've ever seen! Make your Halloween a night to remember with this guide to everything Halloween.

Children's Halloween Crafts
Learn how to make a spooky ghost, a lifelike Frankenstein's monster, and other ghastly Halloween delights on this crafty site.

Halloween Crafts and Party Ideas
Get some great decorating ideas for your Halloween party and discover some ways to decorate your house, yourself, and even your candy bars!

Halloween Crafts for Kids
Get into the Halloween spirit with these house decorations you can make yourself! You can also find some tips on how to make your own costume.

Halloween DIY for Parents and Kids
Turn your home into a spooky scene with these Halloween DIY craft ideas, including DIY trick-or-treat bags and paper owls.

Halloween Craft Ideas
Get creative and decorate your home with these fun Halloween craft ideas for kids, including instructions on how to make witch hats, ghost mobiles, tissue paper pumpkins, and even an egg carton spider!

20 Spooktacular Halloween Treats to Make With Your Kids
When the weather turns cooler, it's a good time to take your kids into the kitchen and make these fun treats.

Halloween Crafts
Let your kids make fun decorations for around the house, including a black cat and a dangling spider.

Halloween Gift and Craft Ideas
Make your own Halloween gifts with this resource, including step-by-step guides on how to make wreaths and decorations.

Halloween Party Decor and Favors for Kids
Learn how to make unique treat displays, from jack-o'-lantern candy holders to black cat candy boxes, from Martha Stewart.

Halloween Recipes For Kids
These kid-friendly recipes will make Halloween delicious this year, with tips on creating some scrumptious concoctions like Snickers cheesecake and ogre-eye cookies.

Halloween Games and Activities for Parties
This site contains fun and educational games that are Halloween-themed! Take a Dracula quiz or complete an activity book for some Halloween fun.

Halloween Treats for Kids
Discover recipes that turn classic treats, like brownies, into spooky-fun Halloween desserts!

Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas for Kids
Fill your home with holiday spirit by using these tips on how to best carve your pumpkin, delicious dessert recipes, costume ideas, and more!

DIY Halloween Costume Guide
Use this guide to make your own Halloween costume this year, with ideas including princess costumes, race car drivers, and even sharks!

Halloween Crafts
Here, you'll find all kinds of Halloween-themed craft ideas for kids of all ages to do at home with friends and family.

10 Bewitching Party Treats Kids Can Make
Let your kids help with the preparations for your next Halloween party with these ideas.

PBS Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Create your own homemade costume of your favorite PBS Kids character with these how-to guides.

Spooky Halloween Recipes
Learn how to make scrumptious snacks like hot dog mummies and spooky white pizzas from Food Network chefs!

Spooky Snacks for Kids
Use this recipe guide to prepare Halloween treats you can share with a classroom of your friends.

Sweet Halloween Treats
Here, you will find recipes for cakes, cookies, brownies, and pies that are all decorated to represent an aspect of Halloween! Serve them the night of Halloween as an extra-special treat.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids
Save time and money with these how-to guides for creating your own Halloween costumes.

Halloween Party Games
Gear up for your Halloween party with these kid-friendly, Halloween-themed games to play!

Kids' Halloween Party Tips
Are you throwing a Halloween party this year? This guide has information on decor, invitations, and tabletop ideas for your kid-friendly Halloween Party.

Kid's Halloween Party Menu
Here's a list of the best eats and treats for your kid-friendly Halloween party this year, brought to you by Kraft.

Halloween Decorating Ideas
Make your home truly spooky this Halloween with these decorating tips and tricks.