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INFOGRAPHIC - Horror Movie Villain Kill Count

By Kate Maloney

Horror Movie Villain Kill Count - CostumeCraze.com - Infographic

Infographic by CostumeCraze.com

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Horror Movie Villain Kill Count

Which horror movie slasher has killed the most people? We've created a list of horror movie deaths that provides a detailed body count for some of the most famous fictional horror characters. Our list of movie killers includes low-kill, high-scare favorites like Pennywise the scary clown and Ghostface from Scream as well as insane mass murderers of the horror genre, like Freddy Krueger. Body count here is helpfully broken down by film in the series, and we've included relevant television shows, too!

It's important to note that some films, like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, aren't all about the body count. Movies like this have a much more intense impact when you realize that they were based on real-life events. Ed Gein, the gruesome killer, also inspired characters in Psycho and Silence of the Lambs. On the other side of the spectrum, we have slasher killers that are so fantastical and supernatural that they brush against the edge of silly, like Pinhead, Chucky, and the Leprechaun. But which slasher has the highest horror movie body count? The killers with the top in-film body count are usually the ones that straddle the line between supernatural and realistic. Check out the Michael Myers death count and Jason Voorhees kill count for some truly incredible numbers!

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