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Salem Witch Trial Resource Guide

By Kate Maloney

The colonies were settled in the 1600's by the British. The colonies were established to help provide a settlement were people would not be persecuted for religious beliefs. However, the leaders of the communities were set in established ways and new ideas and thoughts were not accepted. In fact, people that celebrated religions differently were viewed as different. Many of these people were looked upon as witches.

Witchcraft was an unknown celebration by the settlers and were not tolerated. Any people that were viewed upon as different were considered to be a witch and under colonial law were tried and punished. Unfortunately, the leaders of the communities were led to believe that anyone different was a witch which led to many innocent people being prosecuted and sentenced to death.

This time was a very dark time in Colonial American history, and as such should be studied so that these mistakes are never repeated in the future. To learn more about the background of the colonial time period, the events leading up to the Salem Witch Trial and the aftermath, we have put together a number of useful web pages addressing the subject matter. We hope this information is helpful in learning more about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 in the Massachusetts colony.