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INFOGRAPHIC - The Evolution of Heroes and Villains: From Concept to Craze

By Kate Maloney

The Evolution of Heroes and Villains: From Concept to Craze - CostumeCraze.com - Infographic

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The Evolution of Heroes and Villains: From Concept to Craze

Many times, we assume that characters walk into the minds of their creators fully formed, completely resembling the versions we know and love. While some creators, like J.K. Rowling, assure us that is the case (such as for Harry Potter), more often, characters evolve, change with the times, or just end up completely different than first imagined. Look no further than America's favorite hero, Superman. History tells us that he's pretty much always had the "S" and burly shape, but eight decades won't go by without some stylistic updates. The evolution of Batman is similar, with the caped crusader going from a gun-toting, violent vigilante to a cute TV character back to a violent hero. But these examples only include when the characters change after they're established; just look at the original Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars concept art to see how a character can turn 180 degrees from concept to completion.

Still, many of these changes are for the best. The Legend of Zelda history has updated Link and Ganon as technology has evolved, and we know that the Power Rangers movie will show us very different characters than the Mighty Morphin version. But while they may change, heroes and villains in pop culture will surely still keep us entertained.

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